Plated Party Packages

Minimum 20 Adults

Bread, Soda, Coffee & Tea

$22.95 per person

Three Course Dinner -

Selections of either:
Chicken Marsala
or Chicken Francaise

Selection of either:
Penne ala Vodka
or Penne Pomodoro

Choice of:
Caesar Salad or House Salad

Chefs Choice Dessert

$25.95 per person

Three Course Dinner -

Choice of:
Caesar or House salad

Entree Selections

Occasion Cake 

$29.50 per person

Three Course Dinner-

Choice of:
Caesar Salad, House Salad or Soup,

Entree Selections

Choice of Two Housemade Desserts

$39.50 per person

Four Course Dinner-

First Course:

Second Course:
Soup or Salad

Third Course:
Entree Selection

Fourth Course: